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We are an Online Doctor Consultation Platform where we provide access to Experienced/Registered and Expert Doctors via Audio (phone)/Video and Chat. and phsically visit @ home .Our objective is to ensure quick and easy Healthcare accessibility exclusively to Corporates, which is simple, transparent and available anytime/anywhere. This will help such organizations to have more Engaged and Happy workforces. DocOnline was built on the idea of looking into the health and wellbeing of employees and the productivity of organizations.

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We provide male or female nursing assistant to look after your patient at your home. Our caretaker serve the patient 24 hours a day. Our Caretakers are Professional, Trained and Experience We care for people in many ways ranging from a one hour visit, for example to administer drugs or change a dressing, to daily visits of variable hours and 24 hour live-in care.As home care providers who work with multidisciplinary healthcare and associated teams, we are able to arrange home visits for our clients from a broad selection 24 hour care at home or live-in home care.


Elderly care is the fulfillment of the needs and requirements that are unique to senior citizens ALPHA HEALTH HOME CARE home care services are the best providers for elderly care services, Each service has assisted living adult day care. Because aging is a normal process, care for the elderly cannot be limited to one discipline but is best provided through a co-operative effort. We understand the busy lifestyle here is where you cannot provide complete attention for your older parents and grandparents. We are ALPHA HEALTH HOME CARE home care services in hyderabad telangana is the best in providing elderly care services for your loved ones.

Strength, Mobility, Function, Life.

At ALPHA HEALTH HOME CARE Physiotherapists are licensed healthcare professionals who can help reduce the patient’s pain and improve or restore mobility through physical means. They may assist in overcoming movement disorders, which may have been present from birth, or acquired through accident or injury, or are the result of ageing or life-changing events. Our Physiotherapist will assess, diagnose and formulate a customized treatment plan based on the condition of the patient.We undertake a comprehensive evaluation of the patient & identification of impairments (problems), functional limitations and disabilities is done. The Plan of Care is then drawn up by your physiotherapist which will help in pain relief and quick recovery, prevention of dysfunction, restoration of mobility, strength & endurance of muscles & stability of joint.

It is for prescribed diagnostics or regular health checkup, Home Diagno can help you with both.

We are ALPHA HEALTH HOME CARE, a techno and efficient solution provider in the health care industry for home blood sample collection. The company of ALPHA HEALTH HOME CARE maintains the quality and efficiency of the things used in collecting blood samples from home. It also provides better services with regard to the comfort of the clients.e work with the company as the extension of the company to improve its business in a positive way and to grow their clients in a positive manner by improving the quality of the services with a great deal of professionality.

The Caring Hands You Deserve

Rent Motorized Hospital bed, Electric bed, ICU Bed, Adjestable Bed, Folding bed, Hydraulic Bed, Medical bed, Surgical bed, Rotating Bed, Patient bed, Oxygen concentrator, Oxygen cylinder, Bipap machine, Cpap machine, Ambulance Ventilator, Folding wheelchair, Electric wheel chair, Suction machine with Biomedical Accessories and Surgical Disposables, During the course of discussion with Key Opinion Leaders found that there is a good scope of service can be done for home care patients and wound care patients.Healthcareneeds brings the healthcare services you need, the convenience you want and the standards you deserve, right to your doorstep. Healthcareneeds is conveniently located at Hyderabad, India

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Health At Homes is now able to conduct X-ray at home across India. It’s way beyond convenient for elder patients as they don’t have to travel to hospital or diagnostic centres for the same. X-ray is now made readily available for you at your home in India. Not just elders, this can be availed by anyone who does not wish to spend extra time in hospitals or diagnostic centres. Let us do the work and come to you. Along with X-ray we also provide ECG, EEG, sleep studies, holter test, loop recording and ambulatory BP monitoring services at home

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Many Covid patients who have recovered from the infection continue to show symptoms like chest pain, cough, breathlessness, digestive problem, severe fatigue, body pain, etc. due to which they are unable to resume their normal life. In order to help the patients start their normal life and treat post-COVID 19 symptoms at the right time, Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, Ahmedabad has launched POST COVID -19 CARE CLINIC. The clinic includes our expert team of doctors who evaluate, screen and treat post COVID patients to avoid further complications and works towards prevention of further diseases.

  • 1.Concemed with the comfort and well being of every patient
  • 2.The kind of reception patient receives
  • 3.Insistence on careful cleaning and daily dusting and checking of empty units for condition and completeness of equipment.
  • Look into general comforts of the patient relatives.
The Caring Hands You Deserve

First call home nursing is working with a motive to serve and promote health of the patients and help them in speed recovery For any medical emergencies at home First call home nursing service hyderabad is there for your care ALPHA HEALTH HOME CARE is a health care service in Hyderabad that provides home care services to all manner of patients, ranging from minor illness to critical health situations. To me, all of my patients are equally important and deserving of the most careful attention – not only does my mission statement state it, I also believe it to be true.

The Caring Hands You Deserve

Worried about the odd timings? Or no pharmacy near your location? Don’t worry. We at Health at Homes provide you with medicine home delivery. All over the counter medicine can be delivered at your home across Hyderabad. All we need is the prescription of any required medicine that you want to be delivered to your doorstep. You just have to upload the prescription and the medicines will be delivered at your doorstep. That is it. Why run around when we can take care of all your concerns.